Pure Electronics Ltd

Making Sense of the Electronics Market
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Printed Circuit Board Supply as it should be: Secure, Reliable & Lean - We believe the Global Market should set the price of PCB's not the overheads of your PCB partner.
With our extensive knowledge of the PCB industry and a leverage spend model, Pure Electronics offers market led pricing with the added security of factory side management via its dedicated Supply Chain and Engineering teams in the Philippines & Hong Kong.
With onsite Quality & Technical management coupled with real time manufacturing & delivery progress we keep our customers fully informed at all stages of the procurement cycle.

Technology Driven Solutions

  • Layers 2-38
  • 3/3 Lines & Spaces
  • +/-10% Controlled Impedance
  • Buried Capacitance
  • Blind & Buried Vias
  • Micro Via's - stacked & skipped
  • High Performance & Unique Materials
  • Copper & Epoxy Via Fill
  • Heavy Copper up to 24 oz.
  • Flex & Flex Rigid specialists.
  • Military & Aerospace approved supply.
  • ITAR Compliant.
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Pure Electronics - Specialist Application PCB's for Industry.