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Pure Electronics is the leading choice for the supply and management of your specialist application PCB's. With significant experience managing the supply of Flex, Flex-Rigid, Heavy Copper and Aluminium PCB's to IPC Class 3 - We can support your business with total security of supply at market leading pricing..

NADCAP approved Flex & Flex-Rigid PCB Supply.

Pure Electronics has extensive experience in the supply of high mix low volume Flex & Flex-Rigid PCB specialising in Military Safe & Mission critical supply.
With a full range of technologies available within a high mix, low volume framework, Pure Electronics is the right choice to support your specialist PCB requirements.
  • Full range of specialist materials available including Isola, Arlon, Rogers & Nelco.
  • Large Format Backplanes "27 x 47"
  • Aluminium & Copper Heatsinking - including adhesive Bond.
  • Coin Attach for PCB.
  • Back Drilling.
  • Differential Impedance.
  • Aluminium PCB.
  • Up to 24 oz Copper Multilayer from Military Secure Supply Chain.
  • Use of advanced alignment of thin core materials to reduce de lamination issues.
  • Anti puddling etching system to ensure correct etching.
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Are you in the Know? – Pure Electronics publish the only monthly specialist PCB commodity report tracking all the key factors, news and trends that shape the cost of your bare boards. With insightful commentary, analysis and the inside track to how the cost of your PCB’s are shaped, “Market Pinpoint” can help you stay ahead of the PCB market and track the true cost of your PCB’s dynamically. For a free trial copy please contact us.