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PCB Capabilities

Pure PCB are the UK’s leading supplier, designer and manufacturer of printed circuit boards (PCBs). We offer a full range of PCB capabilities to suit all your printed circuit board needs including both manufacturing and design. We support all PCB base materials including exotic & RF, PCB development, and front-end engineering enquiries.

PCB manufacturing process capabilities

We believe that emerging and new technologies need to be accessible and sustainable - which is why we offer competitive prices for our rapid, state of the art PCB manufacturing. Our PCB applications team ensure that our customers’ new technology requirements are understood and matched seamlessly with our PCB manufacturing capability.

Whether it’s a complex flex rigid PCB or a specific thermal management solution, we invest time and management resources into ensuring that our specialist PCB capability is more than just a desired future state on a technology roadmap.

Our DFM (Design for Manufacture) process starts right at the earliest concept or bid stage to ensure that all key technology parameters and compliance with manufacturing capability are fully understood.

PCB manufacturing process capabilities


Manufacturing Capabilities

Layer Count

1-36 layers

Board Thickness (Maximum)

370 mm

Board Size (Maximum)

43” x 26”

Line Width (Minimum)

From 0.075mm

Line Space (Minimum)

From 0.075mm

Outer Layer Weight of Cu

0.5 Oz to 15 Oz

Inner Layer Weight of Cu

0.5 Oz to 15 Oz

Core Thickness (Minimum)

2 mm

Minimum Drill Size

0.2 mm

RF Materials Available

PTFE, FR4, Polyimide, Polyester & Ceramic

Surface Finishes Available

ENIG, Lead Free HASL, ENEPIG, ASIG/ISIG, Immersion Tin, Organic Solder Paste & Immersion Silver

Some of these conditions may not be possible depending on the type of printed circuit board required - we supply a variety of printed circuit boards to suit your specific requirements. Find out what our capabilities include for the following including Multilayer PCB’s, RF PCB’sHDI PCB’sRigid Flex PCB’s, and Single sided and double-sided PCB’s.

Looking for more information on our PCB Capabilities? Get in touch with a member of our expert team today or submit your Gerber files for a quote. 

Our current core technology offering can be found as follows:



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