Single Sided PCBs & Double-Sided PCBs

1 Layer PCB & 2 layer PCB’s

Pure PCB are one of the UK’s leading providers for single sided PCBs or double-sided PCBs. Unlike others, our expert manufacturers are with you every step of your printed circuit board journey.  We offer technical advice from start to finish ensuring you get the best quality 1 layer PCB or 2 layer PCB possible. Our PCBs are structured with quality in mind and our production process reflects that.

Single sided PCB vs double sided PCB

Single sided PCBs

A single-sided PCB from Pure PCB is simple and cost effective to produce. The base core material of a single layer PCB is often fiberglass (FR4) and the core tends to have a layer of copper on it. The copper on a single sided PCB makes the board conductive and allows electricity to flow through. A solder mask is then added as a layer of conducting material - this insulates the conductive copper sheet below Finally, the rest of the layers are covered with a silkscreen print that indicates the location for each part improving the single sided printed circuit board functionality.

Double sided PCBs

At Pure PCB, we build double-sided boards with similar layers to a single-sided board. However, a double sided PCB  uses a single sided copper core. Due to this extra material, a double sided printed circuit board  During production, holes called vias are drilled – these can be plated or filled with a conductive, or non-conductive, material. The electrical current is then able to travel from one side of the double-sided board to the other through the vias.

Here at Pure PCB, we have a range of surface finishes available for our single sided PCBs & double-sided circuit boards:

  •  ENIG
    •    Lead free HASL
    •    ENEPIG
    •    ASIG
    •    ISIG
    •    Immersion Tin
    •    Immersion Silver.

Why choose Pure PCB?

At Pure PCB, we strive to deliver the reliable, competitive and quality PCBs you deserve. Our manufacturers are passionate about delivering great technology. With our state-of-the-art facilities, we are able to provide our customers with market leading prices.

Pure PCB blends supply chain excellence with a total commitment to quality, ensuring that your PCB becomes a key source of competitive advantage in getting your new products to market.

For more information on our single sided boards & double sided PCBs (either 1 & 2 layer), get in touch with a member of our expert team. If you are looking for a different type of pcb, check out our multi layer boards.