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Pure PCB has an unrivalled passion for providing the best Electronics Manufacturing Support on offer, with an honest and open attitude to business, the whole Pure team is available to assist you in making your business count.

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Securing the Production Process

Pure PCB is the secure and robust PCB manufacturing solution that your new PCB needs. Committed to operational efficiency and customer service, you can trust Pure PCB to manufacture your new PCB design.

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Multi Layer PCB's

Pure PCB multilayer production capability is built upon our core concepts of efficiency, repeatability and reliability, supporting the most complex of multilayer requirements in a cost effective manufacturing environment.

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Pure PCB's HDI Technology (High Density Interconnect) enables PCB designers to create increasingly complex designs with optimal layout formats across a wide range of technologies.

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Rigid Flex PCB's

Pure PCB Rigid-Flex capability is a cornerstone to its hybrid PCB capabilities, providing a highly reliable solution in eliminating the need for connectors and cables within your product.

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 T: +44(0)1249 554260.
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UK PCB Manufacturer and Supplier

Printed Circuit Boards

As a leading PCB manufacturer, Pure PCB supply a wide variety of printed circuit boards and PCB assembly services.

We provide business customers with a range of printed circuit boards to suit your specific requirements – We manufacture high quality functional and prototype PCB’s including RF, HDI, Multilayer, FR4, Flex-rigid, metal backed and bespoke Printed circuit boards.

We have no minimum order value, no minimum order quantity and welcome everything from a one off prototype to production volume boards. Contact us today for a quote.

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As an open 2D binary vector image file format, Gerber files are the standard files used for prototype printed circuit boards. Submit your Gerber files here and ensure you leave an email or telephone number so we can get back in touch with you.

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