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Rapid PCB Prototyping Services

At Pure PCB, our rapid PCB prototyping solutions offer the low volume, fast assembly solution that your new product introduction demands. We pride ourselves on  quality, speed, price and reliability.

Our Rapid PCB Prototyping utilises the same materials, processes and controls used in our high technology production manufacturing. Pure PCB can offer you the low volume, fast turn solution that your new product introduction demands.

With efficient quoting through to front end engineering and manufacture, Pure PCB can complete the PCB assembly supply your new PCB Prototype in as little as 24 hours. UK standard lead time is 3 working days and off-shore standard lead time is 5 working days.

Our printed circuit board manufacturers are UL qualified and IPC3 meaning our rapid production offers a full range of technology and surface finishes from simple double-sided PCB boards right through to the latest HDI multilayer Interconnected Technology.

What is rapid PCB prototyping? 

A rapid printed circuit board prototype is created for companies so they can trial new additions to their products. PCB prototyping helps streamline printed circuit board designs and identify problems before they are manufactured in bulk. A rapid prototype is made quickly and efficiently to suit the clients’ needs and products - this means if any amends need to be made to the design, they can be done promptly.

What are the benefits of rapid PCB prototyping?

There are many benefits to rapid PCB prototyping:

  • Quick turnaround – if you were to buy a batch of your first printed circuit board designs, you could be waiting weeks for the finished product. With rapid PCB prototyping, you can reduce development time from weeks to hours.
  • Identify problems – by investing in a prototype, you are investing in a safety blanket. A prototype will allow you to purchase one version instead of a full production run, check for any issues and make the necessary amends.
  • Save costs – save money by purchasing one version of your design – if there are any issues, you won’t have wasted money by buying in bulk.
  • Better finish – by investing in a prototype, you have more scope to try different materials to perfect your printed circuit board.

 We offer PCB prototyping services for all PCB types including Multilayer PCB’sRF PCB’sHDI PCB’s  Flexible PCB’s, flex-rigid PCB’s, high technology PCB’s & FR4 PCB’s. 

With no minimum order quantity and low NRE's, Pure PCB can work with your new design to optimise PCB product cost from the outset and ensure a seamless transition into production, should it be required. For more information on Pure PCB’s PCB manufacturing capabilities, contact a member of our friendly sales team. If you have a design in mind, submit your Gerber files.


STD 2L & Multilayer from 3 Days.        HDI from 5 Days

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