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Single Sided PCBs

A single-sided, or single layer PCB is the simplest and most cost-effective printed circuit board to produce. With one layer of conductive material, a single-sided PCB is perfect for those low density designs that need to remain affordable. All our single layer PCBs are available for bulk order or as rapid prototypes. Contact a member of our friendly team today for more information.

How are single layer PCBs made?

Single layer PCBs are the most straightforward circuit boards to create due to their simple designs. To create a single layer PCB the following steps are undertaken:

  • Initially, a base core material is selected – for a single-layer PCB, this is often fibreglass (FR4). This tends to have a layer of copper added to it to provide conductivity.
  • A solder mask is then added as a layer of conducting material - this insulates the conductive copper sheet below.
  • Finally, the rest of the layers are covered with a silkscreen print that indicates the location for each part. This improves the single-sided printed circuit board functionality.

Benefits of 1 layer PCBs

There are a number of benefits to choosing a single sided PCB for your product:

  • Low manufacturing and production cost – the components of a single layer PCB are low cost meaning we hold their prices at a competitive level.
  • Low defect possibility – as the PCBs are simply designed, they are less likely to malfunction.
  • Perfect for simple, low density designs – the limited materials needed to create the circuit board means a single sided PCB is low density.
  • Easy to create – the simple design and the small number of materials necessary means single PCBs can be created relatively quickly and efficiently.
  • Ordering single-layer PCBs through Pure PCB guarantees a fast turnaround for your prototyping needs.

Single sided PCBs from Pure PCB

Here at Pure PCB, we have a range of surface finishes available for our single-sided PCBs:

  • ENIG
  • Lead-free HASL
  • ASIG
  • ISIG
  • Immersion Tin
  • Immersion Silver

Are you looking for a bulk order or prototype of a single sided PCB? Get in Touch with Pure today for a free non obligation quote. We also have the capability to create double sided or multilayer PCBs




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