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Double Sided PCBs

Pure PCB are one of the UK’s leading providers for double-sided PCBs. Unlike others, our expert manufacturers are with you every step of your printed circuit board journey. We offer technical advice from start to finish ensuring you get the best quality 2 layer PCB possible.

How are double sided PCBs made?

At Pure PCB, we provide double-sided boards with similar layers to a single-sided board. However, a double-sided PCB uses a single-sided copper core. Due to this extra material, a double-sided printed circuit board is slightly heavier than the single sided PCB.

During production, holes called vias are drilled – these can be plated or filled with a conductive, or non-conductive, material. The electrical current is then able to travel from one side of the double-sided board to the other through the vias.

Benefits of a double sided PCB

The double sided PCB is the ideal choice for a huge number of applications due to the following:

  • Design flexibility- the extra layers offer designers flexibility to create more intricate designs
  • Increased circuit density – there is more capacity for PCB components
  • Smaller board size – the two layers keep the board size small
  • Intermediate circuit complexity – the technical properties mean double sided PCBs can be used on more advanced electronic systems such as lighting and car dashboards
  • Relatively lower costs – the reduced number of layers means production costs are relatively low

Double Sided PCBs from Pure PCB

Here at Pure PCB, we have a range of surface finishes available for our double-sided circuit boards:

  • ENIG
  • ASIG
  • ISIG
  • Immersion Tin
  • Immersion Silver
  • Lead-free HASL

Are you looking for double sided PCBs for your product? Get in touch with Pure today for a free non obligation quote. We also have the capability to create single sided or multilayer PCBs




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