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Assuring a Quality & Reliable Printed Circuit Board

We are proud to be approved by LRQA to the folowing standards: ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate


Pure PCB has only one over arching goal that underpins its entire business process and PCB management supply chain; that is the delivery of a quality assured and reliable PCB on a repeatable and ongoing basis.


The adoption of a quality management system based on the core principles of IPC & best practice supplier management alow us to consistently deliver a quality PCB product whilst mitigating key product and business risks.

Our entire PCB supply chain & production process is informed by the correct implementation of IPC standards and as such Pure PCB adopts the following as its guiding principles.


  • IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Circuit Boards.
  • IPC-6011 Generic Performance Specification for Printed Boards.
At a product/technology level Pure PCB adopts the guide lines as laid down by IPC as follows, with all product being releaed in accordance with.
  • IPC6012 Qualification & Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards.
  • IPC6013 Qualification & Performance Specification for Flexible Printed Boards.
  • IPC 6016 Qualification & Performance Specification for High Density Interconnect

Underpinning its product/technology offering Pure PCB ensures that it uses only IPC compliant materials in all of its PCB production to the following specifications.


  • IPC-4101 Specification for Base Materials for Rigid and Multilayer Printed Boards.
  • IPC-4104 Specification for High Density Interconnect (HDI) and Microvia Materials.
  • IPC-4202 Flexible Base Dielectrics for Use in Flexible Printed Circuitry.
  • IPC-4203 Adhesive Coated Dielectric Films for Use as Cover Sheets for Flexible Printed Circuitry and Flexible Adhesive Bonding Films.
  • IPC-SM-840 Qualification and Performance Specification of Permanent Solder Mask.
Adopting the relevant IPC standards for PCB acceptability and Material performance and specifications ensures that we have full confidence in our ability to deliver a quality and reliable product; Pure extends the adoption of IPC quality standards into the release and delivery of its PCB products adopting IPC Class 3 as its standard of choice in its quality acceptance and sign of standards.