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 Multilayer PCBs

Multilayer PCBs are circuit boards with more than 2 layers. At Pure PCB we provide the design solutions and manufacturing facilities to provide and improve your electronic product.

Our multilayer boards production capability is built upon our core concepts of efficiency, repeatability and reliability, supporting the most complex of multilayer PCB requirements in a cost-effective manufacturing environment. Amongst our other PCB capabilities, we offer a range of multilayer options from 2 to 36.

What is a Multilayer PCB?

A Multilayer PCB is a printed circuit board that has more than 2 layers, unlike a double sided PCB or a 2 layer PCB board, which only has two conductive layers of material. All multilayer PCB’s must have at least three layers of conductive material.

A Multilayer PCB is much more complex than a double-sided PCB design and can have any number of conductive copper layers from 4 to 6 layers or even up to 64 layers. Multilayer PCB’s are laminated and glued together with layers of heat protection insulation between them. The electrical connections between layers are achieved with various methods such as plating vias, through holes and buried vias.

What is the purpose of a multilayer PCB?

Our multilayer printed circuit boards provide both high capacity and speed for your product in a smaller footprint by their innate electrical properties. The connectors that are usually required for multiple, separate PCBs are reduced or eliminated simply by combining them in circuit boards. This simplifies construction and further reduces weight.

The benefits of multilayer boards

There are many benefits of multilayer PCBs:

  • Smaller – multilayer PCBs combine multiple PCBs to create a more streamlined design with the same functionality.
  • Lighter – by combining the functions of multiple circuits into a single board, you procure a single, lighter product.
  • Durability - multilayer PCBs are be durable by their nature as they are built to withstand their own heat and the weight.
  • Flexibility - some multilayer PCBs use flexible construction techniques, however this is not always the case. 
  • Improved quality – a multilayer PCB is more complex than its single-sided counterpart. Consequently, more planning and work is implemented in their production and they are typically of higher quality finish.
  • Powerful - as higher-density assemblies, multilayer PCBs are able to achieve greater capacity and speed despite their smaller size.

Multilayer PCB Board Thickness

Our multilayer board thickness is 370 mil and the finished copper weight of inner and outer layers is 15 oz each. The line width & space of a multilayer PCB is a minimum 3mil/3mi and a minimum drill size cnc 4 mil. The minimum drill size laser drill of our multilayer PCBs is 3 mil, with an aspect ratio of 18:01 and a maximum board size of 43”x26”. The minimum core thickness for Pure’s multilayer PCBs is 2mil and the impedance control tolerance +/- 5%.

Suitable Surface Finishes for Multilayer PCBs

  • ENIG
  • Leaded HASL
  • Immersion Silver
  • ASIG
  • ISIG
  • Organic solder paste

Suitable Laminates for Multilayer Boards

  • Kingboard
  • Shengyi
  • Ventec
  • Isola
  • Iteq many more laminates for multilater boards available.

Why Choose Pure PCB as your Multilayer PCB Supplier?

As a key part of our business, Pure PCB’s double-sided PCB manufacturing capability drives our desire to deliver robust technology at the lowest available total cost, maximising your product lifecycle and optimising your cost point.

  • Short lead times, whatever your order size - With significant capacity to support low volume production in some of the marketplaces' most effective lead times, through to higher volume mass production, Pure PCB’s experienced team has the commitment and experience to deliver your multilayer boards and double-sided PCB designs in a secure and controlled manner.
  • State of the art technology - Utilising the latest equipment, including advanced robotics to minimise touch time and reduce product workflow, our quality of multilayer boards products and service matches fluently with your project requirements.

Multilayer PCB Capability Overview

PCB Technology Current Capability
Layer Count 4-36 Layers
Board Thickness 370 Mil
Finished Copper Weight Inner Layer 15 Oz 
Outer Layer 15 Oz
Line Width & Space (Minimum) 3 Mil/3 Mil
Minimum Drill Size CNC 4 Mil
Minimum Drill Size Laser Drill  3 Mil
Aspect Ratio 18:01
Surface Finishes Available ENIG
Leaded HASL
Immersion Silver
Organic Solder Paste
Maximum Board Size 43" x 26"
Minimum Core Thickness 2 Mil
Impedance Control Tolerance +/- 5%


For more information on our Multilayer printed circuit boards, 2 layer PCBs or 4 layer PCBs, get in touch with a member of our multilayer PCB supplier and manufacturing team.

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