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Flexible PCBs

At Pure PCB, our flexible capability is a cornerstone of our PCB capabilities. We provide our customers with reliable, high-quality solutions that eliminate the need for connectors and cables within any product. Get in touch with a member of our friendly sales team today for more information on our flex capabilities.

What is a Flexible PCB?

Also referred to as flex circuits, flexible PCBs are able to twist and fold to fit the shape of your board designs – - a flexible PCB allows for the circuitry to be designed to fit the electronic device or product, as opposed to building the device to conform to a rigid circuit board.

The board’s bending capability can be altered to fit your requirements and needs – we also offer multilayer PCBs and rigid flex solutions for customers looking for a more rigid structure.

Types of flexible PCBs available

Here at Pure PCB, we have a range of surface finishes available for your flexible circuit boards:

  • ENIG
  • Lead free HASL
  • ASIG
  • ISIG
  • Immersion Tin
  • Immersion Silver

The applicable quality standard of our flexi PCBs is also PC 6013 Class 3. We also have a selection of available stiffener materials including:

  • Thermal adhesive
  • Standard FR4
  • Polymide
  • Aluminium  

Advantages of flexible PCBs

Flexible circuit boards offer many advantages due to their bend and flex properties:

  • Wiring Solutions – investing in flexible PCBs allows you to fit your circuit board to your product by allowing you to twist the circuit board into areas that a single sided, rigid circuit cannot. The lack of rigidity of our PCBs offers improved wiring solutions.
  • Lighter products – a product with a flex circuit board is likely to be lighter as the material used for flex circuit boards is not as heavy as the materials used for a rigid counterpart.
  • High Temperature – most of our flex circuit boards are built with polyimide, a material that dissipates heat better than most. Therefore, flexible boards can be added to hotter areas that would cause damage to rigid boards.
  • Durability – alongside the high temperature resistance, flex circuits are designed to withstand chemical corrosion and radiation & UV exposure. Products with a flexible printed circuit board tend to be highly durable.
  • Miniaturisation – flexible boards contain a lower number of device interconnects meaning miniaturisation is a much more viable option for a product design during the PCB fabrication.


RF PCB overview:


PCB Pure PCB Current Capability
Layer Count 2-24 Layers
RF Materials Availabe PTFE
Laminates Brands Utilised Taconic 
Thermal Capability From 0.82 W/mK
Available Copper Weight 0.5 Oz to 15 Oz with 8 Oz UL Certification
Minimum Line Width & Space From 0.075 mm
RF Complian Surface Finishes Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold 
Lead Free Hot Air Solder Level
Dielectric Thickness 0.1 to 3.5mm

Why choose Pure Electronics

At Pure Electronics we pride ourselves on supplying competitively priced flexible PCBs of the highest quality to a global market. Our helpful customer service team and extensive knowledge made us the global PCB supplier we are today. We provide flexible PCBs to a wide spectrum of customers in a variety of sectors.

For more information on our flexible printed circuit boards, get in touch with a member of our expert team. Submit your PCB Gerber Files here and one of our expert team will give you a call.


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