Pure PCB work with numerous CEM’s to ensure they can service their end customer to the highest of standards. It can range from very simple double sided boards to more complex RF HDI PCB’s.


Pure works very closely with the CEM to ensure the PCB’S are supplied in a way that best suits their manufacture on the assembly line. Using all of the Pure teams expertise they can help with panel designs around routing/scoring/waste areas to best suit manufacture and importantly minimising cost.


Different EMS companies can work at different paces meaning some don’t want all the stock delivered in one go, this is no problem for Pure as we are happy to hold stock for call off whenever required in our well organised secure warehouse.


Pure benefits from having people in the team from an EMS background also meaning our understanding is greater of what is expected in an EMS environment, with this meaning your orders are in safe hands.


We strive to support our customer needs and their end customer needs is always a high priority as well by working together we can create a positive efficient solution. 


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